On A Mission

What does fundraising mean to you?

Honestly, I think of kids going door to door trying their hardest to push that wrapping paper. After all, they REALLY want to qualify for that new gaming system.

I think of co-workers avoiding eye contact with parents doing all the foot work. There’s a new bike on the line for the ‘winner’.

I think of promises of pizza parties and ice cream sundae parties if our class brings in the most cans for the canned food drive.

I think of those school assemblies where the candy bar company salesman comes to pump us all up to SELL THAT CHOCOLATE! We’ve got prizes!

The true reason for all the fundraising gets lost in the shuffle of ‘what’s in it for me’ sometimes. What if the reason was the true prize? This is why I am a participant in my local Relay for Life event.

Cancer touches so many lives and the motivation to find a cure and help to make a difference truly comes from a place of compassion and love. There’s no need for incentive. No need for the new TV, the MP3 player, or the fancy trip abroad. The giving here is real  and selfless. It’s a dedication to those we love and a commitment to researching for a cure.

This event is such an uplifting experience and such a happy and joyful time, but I am always deeply moved and truly touched to see so many dedicated participants of all ages. There are survivors, fighters, caregivers, children, parents, friends, neighbors and coworkers. They all put in the work, they all follow through and they all emit an overwhelming sense of purpose and love.

I am proud to work among these wonderful people and to say that I am, indeed, ‘fundraising’. Help me to put the life in this relay!

Relay for Life


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