My Favorite Brand of Coconut Milk

I’m a big fan of coconut milk.

I put it in my coffee, I make whipped topping out of it and I put it in smoothies, curries and puddings. It also makes a great dip! It’s delicious but not all canned coconut milks are created equal and I’m always on the look out for new brands.

THIS. BRAND. is fantastic. I found it at Walmart for just over a dollar and twenty cents.

100_2618 100_2622

It’s hard to find a coconut milk without added stabilizers such as guar gum so I was expecting it to be thin but it was very thick and rich.

100_2623 100_2625 100_2626 100_2629

Full fat coconut milk can be a little heavy for drinking straight up or using in a smoothie so I like to blend it with extra water. I mixed 1 full can with 4 cans of filtered water.

100_2630 100_2631 100_2634 100_2636

It got all nice and frothy and still retained a good flavor and consistency.

By the way, this blender totally exploded the other day 😦 Did you notice the ginormous crack running up the side? Yeah, I didn’t.

100_2637 100_2640

The absolute best part about this brand is that it set up really nice overnight in the fridge. I didn’t have to separate any liquid, I just poured the whole can in a jar, gave it a good shake and left it in the fridge overnight. I’ve used other brands before to make coconut whipped cream and have ALWAYS had to drain off the liquid from the solidified fat. It’s not a difficult task or anything but this one was all ready to go 🙂

100_2754 100_2755


100_2758    100_2762


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