Sometimes You Just Need A Fudgsicle

Fudgsicles were one of my grandma’s favorite treats.

Her freezer was always well stocked with these pops and every opening of the freezer door presented the risk of death by popsicle avalanche. They never seemed to be able to stay in the box.

I have many fond memories of weekends at my grandma’s tiny apartment and the offering of a fudgsicle being the pinnacle of hospitality. For a kid, something that is chocolate, frozen AND on a stick is a snack made in heaven. I loved them.

Tried them as an adult: not so much. What happened? Was cardboard always an ingredient? Oh, the disappointment. So I tried to create my own homemade version.

I flavored it with orange because my grandma and I also loved the chocolate oranges in the orange foil wrapper 🙂 Actually, we just loved chocolate in general.


Ingredient: 1 Orange

Technically, it’s a Honeybell. I’d never had a Honeybell but they are super juicy and have a nice thin skin. AND they were 5 for $2 so you know


Ingredient: 1 avocado

Careful with the avocado. Also, not a traditional fudge pop ingredient.


I have ridiculously great avocado hand/eye coordination. If you don’t, place a nice thick kitchen towel to protect your hand or use a spoon to scoop out the pit.


This is where things get chocolatey real quick. 2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder.


Immersion blenders really are the best.

Also, you can add some sweetener here if you want and a pinch of salt. I threw in some cinnamon as well.


If you have cute popsicle molds now would be the time to use them


These fudge pops may not have a stick or be the right shape, but they were definitely rich, chocolatey and delicious and I even made a mess while eating it!


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