What What Coconut

I love my food processor. ❤

I recently moved and the first box through the door carefully cradled my beloved kitchen appliance. I didn’t have a bed to sleep on or plates to eat off of but at least my priorities were in order 🙂

I’m currently drafting an ode…

From silky vegetable purees and vibrant pesto to cookie dough and dips (ooooh, the dips!), I seriously don’t think I could maneuver a kitchen without it. One of my very favorite things to obliterate by stainless steel dual blade is flaked coconut. It blends down into a creamy, delicious concoction in a snap and its definitely a staple in my pantry. Here is a rather in-depth tutorial:

Step 1: Gather all ingredients…..Did I mention it’s just the one ingredient? I mean I added a little salt but c’mon.

*A little tip on buying flaked coconut: BUY IT IN BULK. Way cheaper.

100_2575 100_2583

Step 2: Load ‘er up.

100_2585 100_2586 100_2588 100_2589

I blitzed down the first container a little before adding the second container. I was able to fit a pound of flaked coconut in this puppy.

100_2590 100_2592

Step 3: ….um, watch.

100_2593 100_2594

……..keep on keepin’ on100_2597

Step 4: SCRAPE! The sides that is!

100_2599 100_2600

Step 4 cont’d: Let ‘er roll! We’re about 8 minutes in folks.

100_2604 100_2605

Step 5: Scrape again and marvel.

100_2606 100_2610 100_2612 100_2614

Step. Six.

100_2644 100_2645

Don’t worry, I worked that spatula in ALL the nooks and crannies…


So good.



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